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Reviews for "Rig - Am I Cool Yet?"

I love you

I do. This is a real DnB song for once.

That bass kicks ass. Now I'm actually gonna try that cardboard thing...

~boney-man (now Ackute)

Best use of cardboard ever?

I think so.

Rig responds:

What about cardboard airplanes? HMMM?


It tears through my ears a bit, but I love it!

The bass and the beats, very angry and full. And loud. :D
Love it!

Rig responds:

Why thank you! Loud is fun.

Love it.

Damn this is incredible. Even though this song lacks a tune, the drum and Bass is so incredible, i could listen to this for hours.

great job 10/10

Rig responds:

And that's what Drum & Bass is all about. :D


you are a badass. nuff said.

this is the coolest shit...dear god.

Rig responds:

Wait'll you hear the improved version.