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Reviews for "Rig - Am I Cool Yet?"


alright so this song is like EPIC! and I just cant stop laughing! its an amazing song! but yet it is so humorous for some reason?
(I don't mean to laugh as a mean person, it is a good thing! honest!)

Great job bub!

Rig responds:

Thanks, yeah, it's supposed to be silly. :)


Wow why doesn't my cardboard sound like that.
i can't believe this. this is awesome im speechless.

i think i'll take those samples...i'll let you know if i ever use them.

Rig responds:

Awesome, I'd love to hear it!


You know, I pride myself on doing new and unexpected things as far as music making goes- but you, sir, are far beyond me as far as that goes.

For the king of experimentation, yes, you are cool, and you get a McPerfectBurger.

Seriously, I can't find anything wrong with this most awesome piece.

Rig responds:

Why thank you, sir, for the burger. I'll treasure it for a little while. Why only a little while, you ask? I'm hungry.



you are a badass. nuff said.

this is the coolest shit...dear god.

Rig responds:

Wait'll you hear the improved version.

I don't know if your cool....

A really great song. But your bass soundz angry am I not getting teh joke?

I like this a nice angry bass song perfect to eat babiez too.

On to the review would it kill you to throw in more synth over the bass we don't all have subwoofers.

Great song Peace syntrus out

<Noob> WTF is an Amen Break</Noob>