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Reviews for "Rig - Am I Cool Yet?"

I don't know if your cool....

A really great song. But your bass soundz angry am I not getting teh joke?

I like this a nice angry bass song perfect to eat babiez too.

On to the review would it kill you to throw in more synth over the bass we don't all have subwoofers.

Great song Peace syntrus out

<Noob> WTF is an Amen Break</Noob>

whaat really really nice

as the titel says it
it real sounds like prodigy but than even more heavier
i like this style inspiring refreshing something else
also liked the 8-bit synth between the song
but there~s still a little downside
its a little repetitive but almost everyone has that
except if the song is shorter than 3 minutes (lol paragonx9 always short)
i prefer this over that

dont mind the 9 its the highest i give i mean its not really logical to give someone a 10 until it its like OMG FTW?! AWESOMMMMEE (i have given poeple 10 but im thinking about that stuff diffrent lately)

really nice keep it going

ps. dont mind the writig im from holland :P and i couldnt rewrite it


Rig responds:

No worries. Thanks for the review...I find it repetitive as well :P

I Jizzed When I Heard The Build Up.

Awesome song, awesome cardboard bass, awesome synth - everything is awesome!

Rig responds:


This is bad.

It feels bad, it sounds bad, it makes me want to do bad things, preferably with bad people, all to look cool.

This is reminiscent of Noisia's breakbeat forays. It's filled with nice touches, varying depth, interesting detail and all riding on that bad, naughty bass.
The voice sample has a bit of irony to it, reminds me of all those people doing stuff for attention, so if it's a poke to them... :D

Great outro too.

Rig responds:

Yeah, I tried to fill the intro with cliches. ;D


yes, you are! It sounds like NOISIA (a dutch DnB/Electro group)
I rate 5!

Rig responds:

I love Noisia :D