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Reviews for "Rig - Am I Cool Yet?"

I bow to you sir

I worship your great audio skills

Rig responds:

Don't worship little old ME, silly.


How did you get that snarling effect? Was it also the cardboard?

Anywho, amazing song.

Rig responds:

That was an automated filter on the cardboard, actually. Thanks!


OMG!!! wow dude!!!
Love the intro how it sounds like a typical generic crap NG 8-bit style song, and then it transforms into the sexiest beast of a song known to man haha
Fuck yea dude, fuck yea.
Love it so damn much, tingles down the spinal cord galore.

Thanks Ropedrink for putting one of this guys songs in your vid, so glad ive found Rig <3

Cool yet?

....hmm..... yeah i'd say so..

Mixing of the vocals into the soundspace could have been way better, but can I really complain when you turned cardboard into a certifiable instrument?