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Reviews for "Wall Lunch"

very hard to watch

I think that this person is very young like 5 or he doesn't think this is funny because that was not funny a three year old could make a funnier flash but the poetry was pretty good

not too shabby

the sense of humor was rather
a eccentric one, but it was still
humorous; same goes with the
poetry and sequencing of happenings.
though the voicework, which i think
was considered as part of its style,
was a bit hard to hear and the animation
at a few times did get in the way of the
score: ***


Redneck poetry......only in the good ol' USA. I love it.


This rocks!

twisted sweet.

That was cool, I love random stuff that doesn't have to be anything more than it is; or have to have some sort of deep meaning. The voice fit well with the text and pics, and the simple music added a lot to it as well. Graphics looked really cool, I'd like to see animated characters drawn in the same style. Keep it up.