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Reviews for "Wall Lunch"


WTF was that dude. People like you should be considered crazy.!

Crazy stuff!

Haha, that was quite an interesting story. Definetely not the sort of tale I would expect. Hehheh, I really enjoyed the animation, and the story itself was fantastic. Great work dude!

nice nuresery ryhme

verry funny my only problem with this is there was no animation but the style did'nt call for it, I would definately like to see more of these, from you not knock offs like everything else, in the future.

Can I get an 9?

Great job Rowe! I'm very pleased with your submission i would like to see more of this in the near future! Work on the Humor.

Very hard Review.....

Now...that was short,sick,disturbing and wierd as hell, but you are a good animator the music and narration wasn't bad so it had some artistic quality. And to the idiot who reviewed before me..... just because you didn't like what he did you don't have to go and be a pussy about it!