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Reviews for "Wall Lunch"

good drawings, but i wished the characters moved

i thought this was a nice little poem and deserves its due respect, but it is kind of disapointed. even though you are new at this (im just guessing cause you only have one other flash) you should attempt to make more then just pretty art work and witty poems. im just saying to keep moving forward, not saying this was bad. it wasn't bad at all, I loved it. just some constructive critism......keep up the good work.....(aquward silence).......(more aquward silence).....(die of old age in because every few sconds there was more f****** aquward silence).

RoyceBiggins responds:

i'm going to level with you. I didn't understand any of that last bit, but thanks...contented silence...more contented silence... live a long prosperous life every few seconds theres a more nice contentment gurrgle. fantasy legion?

i always like dis poetry yah

Heh dude that is some pretty nice drawing and the poem was pretty good u must of got an A in english.
Anyways the everything was average and i laughed at the two dumbasses, kids never eat or play on brick walls taller than ur house. a 3.5 out of 5

Nice work.

My only critiques on this flash are on the audio and animation. Before I say anything further I have to let you know that the style, ideas, and writing were absolutely solid. In fact I loved it. However, it was very hard to hear the narration and the slide show format could have been better if replaced with animation. Again, this flash was great but with some work it could be spectacular.


Typical Boston ACCENT. Otherwise it was OK

Reminiscent of early Emily Dickenson

Ok, maybe not, but good nonetheless. Perhaps we'll get to hear more of your musings.