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Reviews for "Wall Lunch"

Very original

An awesome animation with some very original style and drawings. I really liked the poem and the individuality of this submission.
Nice one

Great Movie... Still On The Short Side

If the poem was just a bit longer near the doctor part that would've been cool. A great poem, eerie and disturbing. The animation was great even though it wasn't animated. You have to make sacrifices for good work.


your a very good drawer even if there is no animating, exept the words.

i would also like to ask what kind of mushrooms you ate before writing this poem(<-?)?

I hope to god that whosever voice that was doesnt actually sound like that all the time casue if it does, he would stick out like a pimple on a pumpkin

Oh man.

That was great. It sounded kinda like Bobcat Goldthwait reading it, which really just sent me into reales of laughter. Very, very nice job on this.


I thought this was going to be whack...But it was funny. The guy's voice topped it all off...