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Reviews for "Wall Lunch"


You seemed like an Idiot when I saw your profile, But then you Through in A literary masterpiece(as far as those go on NG) or, you seemed to have..... made it possible. Dang... A great parody of Humpty dumpty!! On NG???? I can see you as an Idiot Mover... but you have shown your potential!!!

Damn abominable neophyte...

This piece of flash just shows your mother should have aborted your stupid ass.

Bluddy brilliant!

That was just awesome, your poetic style is great. Do you read Spike Milligan?

not bad

not bad...concidering it was about a poem...but nothing that i found great...

The doctors made an oopsie and left some guts out.

Creepy. Yet funny at the same time.
Excellent graphics, style, voice, music, and poem. I really hope you make more; your style is original on Newgrounds. One thing I noticed though was that the voice at one point didn't accentuate that it was the end of a phrase - "cause it was ice we wasn't surprized we fell of the wall and met our demise" sounds like one sentence when it's actually two, and it confused me the first time I heard it. There should be a feeling that it's the end of a sentence after "surprized"...