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Reviews for "Wall Lunch"


according to the credits you had 5 people work on the graphics, and yet they still sucked. i mean come on. others have already complained about the audio, but i don't think they did it justice, because basically whatever 5 people worked on the audio were obviously as skilled as those in the graphics division. i mean it was kind of a cool Homestarrunner tribute, but it was just so boring and badly made it hardly deserves anything over a 2 in my opinion.

O geez.

Wow, this was um, weird, but in a good way. Weird things are good, but this takes the cake. It was strangly funny. The voice acting was a good way to put the rhymes. the rhymes we're funny, and they actually rhymed! Well, good job, and Good luck on later projects!


very good

I liked your accent and the rhyme. The drawings were great. Somehow Something here reminded me of Tom Waits......



I don't know why people don't like this.

This is the first flash I have ever reviewed and I've been comming here for a while. I signed up just to review this.

First off, I love the style of drawing. Absolutley brilliant illitrations.

Second, I think the poems great. I like poetry that does't necesseraly make sense. I particularly liek the bit about picking the brock out.

Finally, I think the music goes great with the poem. It all fits together very nicely.

So all in all, kudos on a great flash.