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Reviews for "Wall Lunch"

Screw those bashers !

This was an awsmoe piece of art. It was funny kinda creepy and best of all it was narrated by a retarted bill cosby ! Two thumbs up and keep this twisted art work comming :) Oh and for the bashers this is verry mild compaired to some of the flashes on here so leave this guy alone.



Your animation is fine but this was a really random piece of work...and yes, i do agree with Goober how it creeped me out.

Kinda wierd

The animation was pretty cool...but the story was kinda f**ked up. It kinda creeped me out too. But other than that it was pretty cool.

woah dude =o)

That was so awesum! i loved the poem and all the animation stuff except that the only thing I didnt like was that style of animating, how they people were done.....itz really kool dont get me wrong, but for some reason I find people drawn like that kinda scary....just same lameass deeprooted childhood thing....this flash rocked though


dude YOUR F*CKED UP that wasn't funny at all u need help