Reviews for "The Desert Faux"


this is really good,but how come in all ur movies ur always the hero? y cant i be the hero?

Nice Flash

This flash video you made was very good and very well done. The graphics you added your pretty good. I really liked the sound in this flash. I thought you added some really awesome music in there. I also thought the Star Wars Music fit this flash perfectly. Overall you did a excellent job on making this. I really liked the battle sence's in the flash video alot. Nicely done.

It was cool

I liked the war the whole series is cool. I have a question why do you always have the mario bros taken down in each episode they should mostly be alive or whatever during the movie oh well still cool keep up the good work

reminds me of............

it reminds me of russia in world war 2 but i wont go there or it will take awhile but it seriously does when the nazis(losers) took over half of russia and then russia gave it their all to stopp the nazis(losers) well its like that great movie


Purely original series that deserves it's own series collection. Here's hoping we get to see the last 5 episodes.