Reviews for "The Desert Faux"

This is awesome!!!

DO NOT LISTEN TO THE PREVIOUS REVIEWS!!!! This is a wicked video.


im sick of the brunk what ever the hell he is co. crap,stop putting that damn jew omish wtfe guy he is on newgrounds,he sucks,he should be dead,i don't care,stop-making-videos-of-him-okay or should i speakdumb-a to get people to stop making vids of him,he cannot be a super mario or what ever you guys are trying to make him,let other sites make vids of him and stop making vids of him on newgrounds,he-sucks!


got boring
no voices
none not even 1 of mario's army units died at all
used starwars music from episode 5 lol!


it was really good! very entertaining video!!! and i hoped it was gonna b longer... oh well, make another... please!!!

that was..

..quite badass