Reviews for "The Desert Faux"

Good Job!

This is basicly the mushroom kingdom's version of WW2

Yeah!! The music added a lot!

GREat action. I recognized that music. Love star wars too.

Hey I recognized that music

That music was off star wars clone wars and the hoth place on one star wars game any way very nice this is one of my favorite mario series I like this series and Rise of the MK so nice job


Great!! The StarWars Hoth music made it better it fitted right in it was awesome!! It would be funny if the Koopas had like some kind of Koopa AT-AT lol keep it up =P


One of the BEST episodes yet! The action was spectacular (as usual), the musical score was outstanding (use of the Battle of Hoth soundtrack from "The Empire Strikes Back" was very effective), and the sprite movements and interactions were nicely done! In addition, the storyline and dialogue were well thought out and the suspense is edge-of-your-seat excitement! Overall, everything was simply excellent! VERY WELL DONE!!! :)