Reviews for "The Desert Faux"


I like the whole army thing u got going on.I also like the fact that Mario & Luigi didn't die.They just got injured.NOW for the bad sentence.Whats with Julius's face.His mouth makes him look wierd.Anyways......click on Yes if you liked it.Click No if you didn't like it(Once again.......if you click eithier one it still won't do anything)

Yes No

Operation Desert Storm

This episode is probably one of my top 3 favorites in the whole series. The Battle of Hoth music really fits in with the battle and I liked how you used Patton's famous quote "If you've defeated Rommel's forces, then technically you defeated Rommel" in the end. Excellent stuff, Brunk.

Best Ever!!

You used Bowser from the NES SMB to make Robot Bowser.

That theme was...

...The Battle Of Hoth. You've done it again, Baron. And yes, you do have a point there at end of the flash... It reminds me of when I play Mercenaries: Playground Of Destruction...

Hmm... "If I defeated Song's forces, then technically I've defeated Song.", says me in my mind, heh.

It was a good movie, overall. Saw nothing wrong with it.

Final vote = 5 out of 5


this is really good,but how come in all ur movies ur always the hero? y cant i be the hero?