Reviews for "The Desert Faux"

Yep, another great entry by "The Baron"

That was a great Mario and World War 2 parody. I love the art job you did on yourself. Nice touch with the Rouge Squadron music (at least I think....) it was perfect. I cant wait for some more WW2 Mario parodies!

von-Brunk responds:

Thank you.

Yes, the music during the battle sequence is taken from the Battle of Hoth in the Empire Strikes Back, so you're close enough.


yet another sprite movie about mario characters.. with boring text readings.. voice acting is way better. meh, nice job I guess.

von-Brunk responds:

I'm sorry my three minute cartoon bored you to death.

Meh, who cares anyway: This cartoon got a high rating (as well as my previous JSTMK movie).

I really enjoyed that!

The julius character kicked ass in that flash, good work!

Awesome. As usual.

I loved it. I love this entire theme. This will make an awesome NG! series. Keep up the kick ass work.


MAn I want to collab with you. Can you?