Reviews for "The Desert Faux"

Great idea and great accomplishment.

Great idea to but Mushroom kindom and Bowsers army war with "real" war weaponry. Tanks really look "Sherman" and "Tiger" tanks in WW2. I hope to see more sequels soon in future. Especially part which take place in artic land.

BULLSHIT! You arent tougher then Mario and Luigi

Your a fucking egomaniac. If Mario and Luigi couldn't take that army down then neither could you. If Mario and Luigi were real and saw this, they'd kick your ass, and you'd cry. Other then that, this submission was awesome.

von-Brunk responds:

Hey guy, you're forgetting one big important thing... It's not real. I better remind you that before you end up going into another angry flash tirade about a fictional cartoon based off an equally fictional video game.

This series is pretty good.

Great movie with the usage of sprites. try to use matrix songs for tis series, it fits in especially the Neo vrs Mr. Smith at the end but, when is the sequel comming out for sea side slaughter?

von-Brunk responds:

Hang tight-- Episodes 4, 5, & 6 are half way done, and hopefully to be released by the end of the month.

My apologies...

Sorry, if my previous review was too offensive. Well, as for the movie:very good graphics, nice use of sprites, the plotline wasn't bad either. Do you think you'll have time to make a third episode? Last thing:doesn't "blitzkreig" mean "lightning war"?

von-Brunk responds:

Episode 3 is called Sea Side Slaughter. And yes, Blitzkrieg is German for Lightning War.

good one

nice animation. very nice use of sprites too.