Reviews for "The Desert Faux"

that was awsome

that was kick ass...i love the WWII theme with mario...but you should of made the kuppas more german looking lol....any way keep it up...oh and i loved the hogans heros music


Doode that was so cool...two Bowsers?Just plain weird and yet I wanna watch some more?!Make some more doode...please?pretty please?lol

von-Brunk responds:

Don't worry, I promise to bring many many more episodes.


Oh please, please, please make a game out of this!!!

von-Brunk responds:

Funny you say that: This actually was a game made by me (which got cancelled half way through). A few years ago, I started making a Games Factory sprite game with me as the main character. Now that I can use Flash, I recycled the idea, and made a mini-series instead. In the original plot, there were no Mario or Luigi... It was all up to me.


that was totally amezing Sprite animation i ever seen!Specially on mario bros.! NICE JOB!