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Reviews for "Armada Assault"


This was a decent game.
I didn't really like the controls, but got used to them

Not fun when u use a laptop

There are still laptops available WITHOUT numpad on the keyboard...

Fix the Controls

The real problem is that if one plays on a laptop, there is no number pad, and thus no way to shoot. If this could be fixed, that would make the game much better. And by better, I mean at least playable to those without desktops.

Two major issues.

There are two major problems with this game.

1: The controls are awkward. I died more than once because of the awkwardness of the control setup (I've never been one to use the AWSD option for controls when they could be set up that way).

2: The game really wasn't terribly exciting. I got bored and turned it off after only a few waves of bad guys. There were never enough of them onscreen at a time to make it challenging, plus none of them shot at me (which could have made it challenging even with only a few enemies).

Other than that, this game has some potential. Work on those two issues and this could go someplace for you.

I really did not care for this. It seems like this idea has just been done too many times before and much better. I couldn't find any weapons that really suited me. I imagine I was supposed to blow stuff up at one point, but the weapons were just too awkward. I was thinking that maybe people are just better gamers in this sense. It didn't seem to have much of a story.

The graphics are in fact quite good. There are some fairly interesting designs. It's just that I don't care for the controls. It seems a bit too complicated for me to even care about it. I just I'm just so used to playing "RaidenX".