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Reviews for "Armada Assault"

would-be a great game!

if it worked, too bad i couldn't shoot, and don't make up some bullshit story about how "i didn't read tha directions" i read them ok? i pressed every damn button on my keyboard and not one of them made tha ship fire, i refuse to mark this with a proper score until its fixed, so just so you know i'm not gonna vote until it works or you gimme feedback on what could be wrong, thanks

I can't play this game.

The control scheme of this game made me hate this game more than anything else.

Moving with WASD and shooting with G of all keys is ridiculous.

i agree

it could be good, but the controls are screwy, u should be able 2 shoot while moving, and everything moves 2 fast


Sorry, but could you put an additional feature to use the normal keyboard? some laptops (like mine) do not have keypads, and well, i cant play! yea, dasall. (voted 1 on interactive coz i couldnt interact)

Don't have a numpad

Certaintly it's not fair to judge a game given that it cannot be played, but at the same time, it's an expectation for the programmer to design a game to accomodate for all types of computers. Perhaps a customizable control opition would be best?