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Reviews for "Armada Assault"


But the people on laptops might feel left out because of the lack of num pads. So in the future, make sure you make controls that laptops also! :D
Keep up the good work.

Awesomeness! Except for repetitive music.

Very nice design and gamplay, but repetitive music really gets to my head. In reply to previous about not working, turn on your numpad or it won't work.

would-be a great game!

if it worked, too bad i couldn't shoot, and don't make up some bullshit story about how "i didn't read tha directions" i read them ok? i pressed every damn button on my keyboard and not one of them made tha ship fire, i refuse to mark this with a proper score until its fixed, so just so you know i'm not gonna vote until it works or you gimme feedback on what could be wrong, thanks

not bad

Not bad, but it got kinda monotonous for me.

Loved it

Great peice there. reminds me of some of the old school shooters.
I only had one prob with it tho... some of the shots fired from the players ship need to not be directly linked to its image... like the Rockets and A-bomb animations (Unless you wanted the booster rockets to be like guided missiles)

Other than that small thing i loved it.

-ChuChuRocket from Mars signing out.