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Reviews for "Armada Assault"

Loved it

Great peice there. reminds me of some of the old school shooters.
I only had one prob with it tho... some of the shots fired from the players ship need to not be directly linked to its image... like the Rockets and A-bomb animations (Unless you wanted the booster rockets to be like guided missiles)

Other than that small thing i loved it.

-ChuChuRocket from Mars signing out.

Wow this is really good!

Ive gotta hand it to you, this is brilliant all you need is a recharge bar 4 the speical weapon and it would be perfect. But who cares, this is great!!!


This was a great game. Lots of fun, and I especially liked your shield system (and the invincibility powerup that lasted from level to level). I use a laptop as well, but I was able to figure out the controls, although it was a little awkward to learn to steer with my left hand and shoot with my right. I read your responses to other laptop users, so I know your problem with the arrow keys, but maybe you could have an option to use i,j,k,m to steer and q,w,e as weapon keys. Just a thought. Finally, I didn't see a powerup for the ship's main guns. One of the best parts of these types of games is working to power your primary weapon up through many steps until you become *almost* invincible. I'd like to see that if you work on the game further. Again, thanks for the fun game!

i really liked the way....

i really liked the way the plane handled and the manuverability of it, unfortunatly i was unable to shoot at ne thing because i have a labtop without a number pad. if u could allow the player to maybe change the default controls i might be able to better see how the game plays.

awsome loved i but...theres glitches

first of all the review that maybe under me the one bye miskatonic... hes just gay and doesnt know what gaming is infact i bet he just say thats becuase he cant evan make a movies th dumfuck haha anyways.... if you kill A BOSS and have invincability on you have the number of shlieds next turn so thats a big glitch and ROCKETS own better than laser and the other weapons it does alot of damge to the other ships(not bosses but the units)
and kills them with one hit... also can shoot three times so better than the laser and any other weapon.... also does 20% more damge to a boss than the laser and the other weapons try it and youill see ;) ALSO i had no problems with the controls there ok
music is ok but try a little better it gets annoying atfer you here it repeat 20 to 40 times ONE MORE THING..... went you quit you should put yes or no and put add high score i had to quit on assualt to get the door and i couldnt put in my high score i had 10386 but .....the door...(owell) anyways fix that invinable atfer you beat a boss put t o atleast 100 shelid atfer you beat every boss
anyways...loved the game graphics are good and loved it a winner in my books, nice job