Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"

Freaky looking stuff

This reminds me of all the film noir movies I've seen. Those things are atmospheric as is this animation. I love it.


Another great film Razzo. I'm telling you man, you should start a series involving your black and white animations with a storyboard. Good job man.


That was excellent. Razzo you've got some of the best stuff, I've never been disappointed. Keep em coming.

I like the music after the you see the corpse. I've been looking for that song you used. I know It's by Portishead but I still can't find it... damn


i liked your movie. it was good for the first one you made. i have never made one so i dont know . you could have done without the subtitles though. just a thought.


usually it pisses me off how people cock ride the originators, but with this film i agree with teh ppl that praised you. its a good movie that combines all its elements to produce a unique and stylistic feel. like the animation and espeacilly like the music.

I noticed a lot of people were asking for the name of the song so i looked it up.

Portishead - Only You