Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"

The Original Portal Master Peice!

I really don't see why this don't get higher votes. I love everything about this one. The only portal movie I think can compare is COSm.


most peoples first animation r well shit but then they fix up what they need fixing on. but even though this was a great job u still improved on ur future work.u didn't have to improve but u did and i'm proud to review a author who is decicated in his work on improving. but u r still a well known master of the art of noir flash animation.
Paladin Lord Strom

this is my ...

favorite submission from u because this is as good as some peoples work or better than they ever made in an lifetime u r a natural and that fuck nut that was questioning this flash before me or any of them ho did can just go to fucking hell


One of the best noir flashs ive seen, great use of music (portihead couldnt of been a better choice). Very smooth animation
great job, even down to the movement of the bracelet


Nice short film, nice music it fits the story in a sense, and you ended it with a cliff hanger. Good job