Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"

fucking kick ass

This was a fucking good movie. The ratings are so low because some other people like "history of fuck" so much. That is a .wav file with some pictures. Now this, this is a classic. Must've taken a long time.

A Classic

Blanco y Negro is, and always will be one of my favorite movies on Newgrounds. The excellent music combined with amazing graphics (my only complaint is the choppy staircase animation, but that is nitpicking) creates a very dark and mysterious atmosphere, which simply pulls me in every time I watch. It is sad that this is so lowly rated, as people tend vote for loads of gore, action, and nudity over beautiful movies like this (and that is a generalization, but in many cases, it is true).

ah ha

good clip over all. and now we see what happens when u stick yo dickie in places it was not wanted.

for an old subbmision...

it was great! compared to new ones.... hmmm............. pretty f'ing good!