Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"

Another excellent Noir movie.

Great stuff. Stylisticly it's through the roof. It mixes good music and animation with that distinct maltese falcon private eye feel. Play it again, Sammy!


I'm normally a harsh judge, but this flash was utter brilliance. A beautifully done piece of animation with a twist of dark humor at the end. I really thouroughly enjoyed this. I want to see more. But a side note... no offense to you... I don't like portishead much... maybe you should have used Bauhaus or Switchblade Symphony or something... I guess that is just me. Keep it up!


That was amazing. Excelent animation, fluid scene transition. You've got style and grace on a level much higher than most. Excellent work.

great job.

scary when he opened the bedroom dorr! awesome noir flash. icy cool graphics, that made a perfect movie!

nice soundtrack.

very kool, and very noir. but, as a bit of constructive criticism, next time do away with the text boxes.