Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"

This is the best flash movie in the Portal yet....

This movie is just so damned stylish, I can't believe the rest of you can't see that, when this movie first arrived in the old Portal my jaw just dropped, it was the most original & arty piece of work anyone had ever seen, it's such a pity that since the Portal went auto people only vote for sex, violence & crass humour.

By all rights this movie should be at number 1 but instead it was scoring around 400 at the time I wrote this, All you voters should be ashamed of yourselves.

(READ THIS) this review is for commishiner kong

Im sure you already know this but u r flash master ... if u put 3 of the best flash makers togeter u still could beat them this moving was unbelivable u put the zing in Amazing ... and where have u been man come back to newgrounds and show us another adventure


fuckin awesome for your first animation, didn't have much of a plot but it still kicked ass


First Flick? Very Nice! Ever thought of making a sequel?


This was the first flash on Newgrounds that was actually like an artistic masterpiece. I think, I'd seen this awhile ago, but never got to reviewing it, it's a little short but your visual style is just so strong and smooth, that the duration doesn't matter. I look forward to seeing your other stuff, but wish you had continued to make more flashes.