Reviews for "-:YRX:-MachinRAa Black St"


Finally someone who makes those dirty dnb songs this should be the highest rated song not those suckish jungle or other crap like that

YouriX responds:

LOL thanks man ;) Glad you like my beats so much.

Great intro..

Amazing intro,nice beat,but i don't like those arpeggios sound little bit gay for boss battle(but if woman was boss than that's ok).But all in all very good!!Keep it up!!

YouriX responds:

D: How dare you call my Arps GAY!!! D:<
But a female boss does sound kinda cool ;)

pretty good

amazing soundtrack...i like it!

YouriX responds:

Thanks man! ;)

Wuuu YEHA!

powerfull in deed ! this song makes me wana so this -%u2229-(%u25E3_%u25E2)-%u2229-

YouriX responds:

Oooh yeaaah! :P To much power huh?

Move Bitch!

That's what I hear in the background. Similar back beat. Or chord progression. And it hypes me up I like it. Excellent song start to finish it held my interest. It even loops pretty well.
Job well done sir.

YouriX responds:

Thank you very much sir! i find it funny how my old songs still keep people interested :)