Reviews for "-:YRX:-MachinRAa Black St"


I like the way it bulds up. Its a really good song for like a boss. Great Job.

YouriX responds:

Thanks for the compliment! Its god to know that people like your stuff. thanks!


Sweet buildup with the low volume hihat in the beginning and the sidechaining midway. You do need to progress more later on in the song though, else you should make this into a loop format, but seeing as you said you're new to this those mistakes will eventually rectify themselves. Good work. :)


~ La_Yinn, --'

YouriX responds:

Thanks la-Yinn i will try to do better inmy new songs.


This is a great piece of DnB work
I can imagine fighting a big boss while listening to this:)
DnB is your calling :D

YouriX responds:

Hey thanks! Yeah i hope somebody use it in a boss game!

Good work

Heavy beats man, excellent peice. Great job for you being new to DnB, you have potential. Looking forward to more of you're work.

YouriX responds:

Hey thanks for the heads up! And sure i'll keep you updated if you add me as your fav. artist :)

Yep, you found your preferred genre

and you're a shoe-in for DnB. The synths sound great, the drums sound awesome, and everything fits. I especially like that dropping effect you did.

My main suggestion is to add melody. I know you don't feel comfortable in that territory, but you have to take the risk. Melody does add richness to a song.

Other than that, I have no other real complaints. Nice song, it definitely does sound like a boss battle.

YouriX responds:

Thanks a lot BAB for the tips and yes melody is my kryptonite. But i guess i have to take a risk and see what happens :)
Also thanks to point out my good points ;)