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Another boss battle?

I seem to be encountering a lot of songs that fit the theme of boss battles lately. Anyway, this was a very interesting song and it had a good sense of pacing and adventure. It is probably the only one I have ever heard that paused that once, but twice in the song! I couldn't see the point of that, as it seemed to repeat itself. I'm sure there were some minor differences that I just wasn't all that keen to notice. It is certainly an original concept that doesn't really fit so much of a boss as it does of simpler action things.

YouriX responds:

Aah, well the Audioportal was ment so that flash artists could use the song for there flash projects like a cartoon or a game. TomFulp wanted to use this song for his maddness comabt game. But the file couldnt compile.

The pauses well.. i dont know something i thaugt would be cool to do!

Thanks for th review and your ;)
Really thankfull!


It is very dynamic, and powerful.

but at 0:56 is something wrong with melody. like half of tone down.

at 1:05 are drums excelent!!

you got great score, becouse other dnb songs at newgrounds miss hard bass, and power.

YouriX responds:

Wow thanks for the power up review man! ;)

I am glad you liked it! :)

Loved it...

Although when i imagine it i imagine a giant stone golem in outer space fighting tiny people...

Anyway Overall FANTASTIC.

The Happy Yeti

YouriX responds:

Hey i am glad you love it! Hmm a Golem. In space nice! Its close to a giant black robot!
Thanks for the comment!


I actually imagine a massive shootout ala Wanted or Devil May Cry style with a little Matrix when I listen to this.

YouriX responds:

Hey i am glad you loved it! I hope one day somebody make a flash from this :)

Pretty Swell

Nice song you've got here. It has a pretty nice beat, and the synths you used were pretty awesome. I have to agree with the others, though, and say that you kinda broke the pace with the 2 pauses. You could use a "tape stop" glitch effect, and shorten the gaps to one beat. The glitch should cut of all the sound and sound kinda neat while the shortened break would help keep the flow going good. If you need a glitch effect plugin, try dBlue Glitch, it has some very nice effects, and it's freeware!

My 2 cents,

YouriX responds:

Yes i admit. that it wasnt that of a good idea to give to many break downs i guess i was just messing around or something. I will use your advice about the glitch seems like a cool idea ;)