Reviews for "-:YRX:-MachinRAa Black St"


you have a great intro but there's little that motivates me to keep listening, add a hi hat line or a new bassline midway through. Perhaps a new synth. ANYTHING to add progression. Lack of climax makes this a non memorable song.

i really like the drumline though, keep it up!

YouriX responds:

thanks for the honest review. But i said this in my prev reviews that i am basicly new to making DnB so there will be mistakes!
I will take notice to your comment and see how it improves my music :)

goed gedaan

dit is wel eeen heel goed lied
,sorry dat ik zo laat ben.(2 dagen)

Current Score
4.47 / 5.00 (+ 0.027)

YouriX responds:

Maak niet uit hoor je heb een leven man! lol maar bedankt dat je de tijd had genomen om een commentaar te geven :)


the intro is awesome, it kinda whips into the song, i like it, as for the rest of the song it never really goes anywhere, it's too short to be repetitive, but you should work on structure a bit.

however i do like what you have, keep up the work

YouriX responds:

Thanks! I am really new at making DnB so there will be mistakes. And i am glad you liked the intro i kinda liked it too! thanks for the comment!

like what you're doing

Would you consider allowing me to remix this track?

YouriX responds:

Well you can. But make sure to give me credit. by giving away the link to my user page yourix.newgrounds.com as long as you do that.
You can knock yourself out!
And thanks for the comment!

This is the better drum&bass

Finally a good drum&bass song on NG. it has been a while:)
still not a perfect one though....keep making them :)

YouriX responds:

yes i am basicly very new to making DnB so there is bound to be mistakes. still!!! not bad for a rookie ;)
thanks for the comment