Reviews for "-:YRX:-MachinRAa Black St"

prepare to ie

definately feels like a boss fight, although it seems like the slowing down and breaks might be where the cutscenes or some combobreaker is about to happen?

YouriX responds:

If you think it is it is! Let you imaginition flow! And also thanks for the comment!

Seems too slow for what its trying to be

You're shooting for a boss battle I suppose? Well, the good things are as follows (IMO, of course):

-The rhythm was nice and seemed to give the feeling of tense energy
-The bass was good and fit with the rest of the tune
-The intro made me want to listen to the entire thing

The improvements you could make are:

-The kick is a bit weak and too short, if there even is one, I can't really tell.
-You completely break up the pacing, and it doesn't fit or add to the suspense much if the entire song completely stops and starts back up again. Maybe a short tune to fill that gap neatly could help with the overall flow.

Thanks for the song, I look forward to any future submissions to might be submitting ;D

YouriX responds:

First of all thank you! for the wonderfull review. Well im pretty new at making DnB so there will be mistakes! Still! im open for suggestions! anyways i will take note of your advice! thanks!

Another one...

Yup another great song...
keep it up

YouriX responds:

Thank you! nice of you for saying that! means a lot!
thanks for the comment!


im not sure about the intro.

the beat is very cool, and im not sure about the lead in the start, sounds like sytrus =b..

but this was enjoyable for me, very good job =]


YouriX responds:

Hey thanks for the comment HelthRMX yeah the intro is sytrus but i adjusted it to be more sawy and machine like. And i am glad that you liked it!

U are very skilled

5/5 good work

It does sound like a fairly epic boss battle.

I look forward to listening to more of ur art soon

YouriX responds:

Hey thanks! I will make sure to update you :)