Reviews for "-:YRX:-MachinRAa Black St"

To this day, even 7 years later, your music touches me,

The feelig have never left .. YouriX, the powefull and extreme ..

Miss you brother

YouriX responds:

Aaawh thank you brother. Miss you to man ;)

This song is awsome.

YouriX responds:

No dude... Your awesome ;)


This soundtrack is awesome.
Keep up the good work.

YouriX responds:

Sure thing buddy ;)


Obivously deserves a 10. Great tools for the music, great tune, great length, great beat, good for a lot of animations (mainly ones with violence and killing, e.g Madness Combat) So epic song deserves epic ratings.


YouriX responds:

Wow what a review filled with love :D
Thank you man!

Madness Ascend is awesome too!

This song rules. So everytime I hear I daydream about a dude running for his life from a giant mutated creature! Keep up the great work man! :D

YouriX responds:

Thanks man. ;)
Just doing my all i can :)