Reviews for "-:YRX:-MachinRAa Black St"


Korrigahn's Drum pack ehhh buddy? XD Yep yep. Good stuff there mate. That was cool how to mixed two of them. GAH! HI HATS... TOO... POWERFUL... *dies* XD volume control plz :3 haha.

But seriously, this song was prettyyyy powerful there. Dig the whole feel there. Though, I thought the intro could use a little bit more development and could be a bit longer. Bass is awesome and sawy, but a bit of clarity could be helpful to it. The first drop was pretty cool, but the transition killed when you brought it all back with that reverse (fade in) hit lol. Everything else other than that is pretty well developed, and the fade out to the outro was coool. You did an awesome job. 5/5, 9/10.


YouriX responds:

Nope Parathile i think. or maybe is the same person :P. yeah i took the time to lower hi hats. And i increased the time of the intro a bit to set the mood just like you said yes to be honest you had some good pionters there so decided to use them :) Thanks!
An also thanks for the voting and the comment. I checked one of your songs and voted it, i am going to check the rest tommorow :)

Boss battle!

Like you said, this could be in a boss battle.
It sounds badass XD
Great job and keep it up!

YouriX responds:

Yeah thanks for the comment! I am glad you liked it!
And also congrats on the Top5 ;)