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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)"

hahaha...........stupid wakka.

That was soo cool, i didnt expect it out so quickly after the last one, but u aint rushed it or anything. Its a masterpiece, even if you aint a fan of final fantasy you will love this series, its the best, cant wait for the next installment!!!!!

Sephiroth the evil twin?

Y eva notice when y made it sephiroth is a lot like alucard?
I love this series i hope y make a third one after this one is done.

I love how u related wakka (weak) to Aeris (wek again what d y know). Its really a great series keep it goin

Oh and thanks for tellin us y the idiots from ff7 dint use a pheonix down


that was beautiful..true justice to the ff storys...with some additions to it lol

noooo..not wakka...how could the jamaican white guy die nooooo!!!lol

you did well but i don't like it

Graphics and style are good as is the sound that fits the situation, but i really am not that into the storyline and stuff.
I don't know how you should make it better but the jokes are... poor
and that's why i don't like it that much

Pacing needs a little boost

First off, I have to commend you on the graphics, for a mouse only, these are suberbly drawn. Your use of music fits really well into the piece too.

However, a couple of criticisms, it's not really all that funny, the jokes are predictable and suffer from a bit of originiality. The "pacing" of this piece is VERY drawn out. If you went back to the created file and just clipped frames here and there, it would do wonders for telling your story.