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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)"


pretty good, but exchanging Zells life for Wakkas? also the graphics seem to get better with each one nice work

Yeah right...

This movie is supposed to be funny right?

Well it isnt funny at all.

Nice graphics though, but I didnt like it at all, instead, it was annoying and very boring, so you arent going to get anything over a 1 from me.

It was entertaining.

Okie. It was rather good, and a very interesting mix of all the FF characters. I think it was a rather great thing to throw in Alucard and Dracula... Yeah that was great! Okie graphics where good and sound was good as well, keep up the good work hope to see more.


WOAH all the mxd in balamb fukin rule ur on fave author 4 sure man u rule!


i love that its was funny ^^ i will give all ur sub missions a 8 9 or 10 i luv ur work