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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)"

It needs a real plot!

The animation was stunning as always, but if you're going to put this much effort into an animation, you should bother to give it some kind of plot and sense of continuity. Go on!
Also, the mixture of art styles made the whole thing feel a bit odd in places.
Keep it up with the whooshy backgrounds, though. I love those things. I wish I could make mine that good. The narrator is funny, too.

Keep up the good work :)

That was great! :) Cant wait to see the next one. lol my lil bro keeps repeating the 'wa? can you repeat the riddle' bit...Oh, and, I found the sweet corn, that was funny to :) Keep up the good work.


well much better than mixed up in blamb 1 and better than epsiode one of chapter2 and the guys who are bitchin about wakka dieing shut up wakkas annoying plus sephiroth is cooland well it was funny to see wakka die

Kinda Hammy

You hammed the voice acting, it didn't seem all that real, but apart from that this was great. I am really getting sick of having such an old computer and having to turn the quality down, cause the graphics in this were excellent. I was a bit cheesed by the riddle, YOU NICKED THAT FROM THE HOBBIT!!!!!! But if you're going to nick it from somewhere, you made a good choice I guess, myself I would've had the time riddle. Nice work


darn it this is the bomb! this rules lol, but man, why Wakka died, that was the only part i didnt like, and wtf was baraka doing lmao,keep it up, and make Wakka take revenge on Sefiroth