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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)"

One more prove that ff rocks...

this movie is preety good, 5-7 haves much talent, i cant hell wait for part 3..... omg must be so cool! CANT WAIT WANT IT NOW!

Damn I love this series!

The best one yet, keep up the good work!


This is amazing, surpassing all your other work.
The animation is neater, the voices better and just better in general. Can't wait for part 3

Also, the Mixed in Balamb 2 part 3 that is under judgement wasn't done by 5-7, its done by someone called Peyk!

its quality!

its brilliant but when can we see part 3? its marked for admin view but when can us fans see it?


ok ok this is one funny flash movie but were the hell is the other part to it we have benn wating 3 mounthes already so just post the damb thing