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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)"

Really Good

This is wasy better than the 1st FF mixed in Balamb. However, there were some parts that werent that funny like that Baraka part and the part where Squall makes that stupid remark about Cloud. But there was some hilarious parts like the cyclops part and the riddle part but ya keep up the good work hopefully u get the 3rd installment up soon

love your work

this one is definately better than the others in term of graphics, much smoother i think

i have a question, why are cloud and auron etc students because some are obviously too old to be at garden unless they are SeeD maybe make a SeeD exam


This was SO COOL!! But you have to bring Vincent back T_T. He cracked me up!!! Keep it up!! Can't wait for the third one!! I love all of your references from other games. I about died when you killed Crono! Maybe you could bring Seifer back and do more stuff with him?

poor wakka

wow, great movie, but did you really have to kill good old wakka, i mean he was my favorite character from that movie and he died....well anyway great work.
P.S. could you add more FFX characters next time?

Very well done..But killing one of the characters?

The art and jokes were great..But I really don't get why you killed off Wakka. Was he an annoying character? I never saw him that way. I hope he somehow comes back. But you probably won't. Oh well...Great work.