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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)"

Not bad at all but...

I agree with some of the other reviews. This is a good series but it gets kinda sidetracked and you waste too much time trying to make every detail funny. Apart from that its quite a very good and I can't wait for the next piece.

I really, really really, want to see a remake

Once again I'll state that I loved the first installment (Mixed in balamb)

However, this was worse than the 1st piece of episode 2.
Humor was dry and overun... Jokes were not nearly as funny.

I did enjoy the gilgamesh scene though...

I wish you would have taken my comments seriously when the 1st piece of episode 2 came out. I read most of everyone elses review and their ideas coincide with my critisms.

I think you should go back to your original balamb garden and look again at the elements that made it great. The character design for this second epsisode are VERY one-dimensional. Auron is only a pimp and that seems to be his only characterstic. And everytime you see Auron you can EXPECT a pimp joke. It is very dry.

Also, I think most would agree with me on the voice acting, You have new voice actors but they really aren't
A) Suited for the part (Alucard sounds too alto)
B) They cannot voice act, (A good example of this is when peopel swear, the EMPHASIZE the word too much... sounds awful and very unorthodox)

Again, I really loved balamb garden 1...
I think maybe if kept it that way, but not have the character so predictable, it would be much better


That was one of the best videos i have ever seen on newgrounds keep up the great work im looking forward on seeing the thirs part tp the story

Its not bad at all but hey...

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kick ass!

another great globber of
parody goodness. i think
i have lost count of all of
the cameos that have appeared
in this episode, but a majority of
them were from video game related
franchises...except for skeletor from
heman. besides the point the animation
is very professional and is deservent of
its front page spot, which i cant always
say the same for most entries. the visuals
were gorgeous and voicework very delightful.
its easy to spot in animations how much attention
they put into voicework, and this goes all the way.
the characters seem very believable in the qwerky
situations that they are in and voicework further
adds life to them, unlike most animations which
dulls or takes away from the experience. the
humor is very lusciously appealing. especially
the dramatic scene where wakka avoids all of
the blasts, but gets stab from behind exactly
like sepiroth did before. also, all of the anime
facial expression, such as dumbfound looks that
cloud and squall were giving when trying to solve
the riddle, another hilarious moment. i was say that
ive become a fan of this series, even though my
first impression wasnt that amazing, because im
not a hardcore ff fan, but this still appeals
to all viewers, regardlessly of knowledge
and can still be enjoyed. look eagerly for
the next installment :P