Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(1/3)"


i really like this stuff the loading takes long though :p:p:p

YAY for More!

Bravo bravo! I look forward to watching the other two.


very very funny wait but more comments number1. SO thats how supermans planet blew up good job! number2. Ashes Hat once again it was Newgrounds good job. Number 3. Auron and the ladies
XP very good job. number4. What ever happened to that Tidus? always wondered. Overall Great Job


Just great. Auron's a pimp... thats funny as hell. I'm always amazed about how gravity defying FF characters hair is. They must use some kinda Ultima Gel. Straight from Midgar.


lol ! i watched dis agess ago.. but i decided to review this now. coz im bored.. but yeahh fucknig funy shit ! LOL ahah wtf.. ash ? how random.. but funny shit.. lolss make sum more serieses ur awesome. LOL