Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(1/3)"


lol that wos so funny!!!!!! lolz wakka got sick on sephiroth... and he TOTALLY LOST IT!!!!!! lol!!!!!! wow i cant believe u brought ash back...... and his ZOMBIE died too! I kind of liked the first one better, but this was also really funny!

Love it

Really good drawings, nice animation and really good voice acting! This was so funny too, Sephiroth and Wakka were well funny in this, especially when they swear, like when Sephiroth says "Where the FUCK are we?" and when they see ash! And the wolfman too lol
Nice fight scene on the 3rd one too. Awesome series, do more!

Ayreon References

I just noticed them...

Vincent: "Looks like we're in another time, another space..."
- Last song of Into the Electric Castle (Another Time, Another Space)

Voice: "At last, you enter Castlevania. Here, in this vast hall, where even shadows are afraid. You must confront us to get your buddies back."

- Into the Electric Castle: The Castle Hall (At last, you enter the Electric Castle. Here, in this vast hall, where even shadows fear the light.)

Toonimated responds:

woah, u found all the references from ayreon. now find all the rest1 hahaha

it was gangsta

omg but needed more violence and humor

I only really like the secret scene...

I have no idea why, but i laughed when tidus says: i want a penny