Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(1/3)"

That was freggin sweeeeet!!

That was way better than the first one, I mean wow! The sound improved a lot and the graphics were a lot more better looking!
Words cannot expres how i feel right now.....Exelent work.

theres only one Superman.

Very nice animation and sound. The story was so so. Also, on Krypton no one has super powers because its the rays of light from Earths sun that give the big guy his power. Thats Ok I liked that part anyways. I look forward to the next one.



I think that about sums it up. Two thumbs up!! ^_^

plain and simple this is perfection

This has to be the best animation i have ever seen, the voices and sounds were great, the storyline is cool and funny and the graphics are superb, anyone who thinks this is bad needs to drill some air holes in their head, cant wait for parts 2 and 3, p.s Ash dying was great i was laughing so hard lol

Ass Kicking

Well that just kicked ass, thanks for spending your time to make a sequal to the origenal, i can't wait for parts 2 and 3 :) btw what happend to ur website?

OH and to all those asswipe haters out there heres a nice big F U, stop ragging on other peoples work just cause u can't create somthing even half as good

Toonimated responds:

It appears that the owner of the website (who hosted us space for free) didn't pay or something...