Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(1/3)"

lol.that was a nice vid.. and i hav a question..

i was wondering if, u were still goin 2 do fianl fantasy mixed in balamb or a new 1 thats similar 2 the series.... cauz i was wondering if u needed some1 2 replace wakka... (after sephys inccident) or just needed a new character just 4 fun! i draw my own charactes 4 anime and video games,and wright stories 2!!
can i join in on the ff parodies? plz!!! if u want proof of my drawings, ill send 1 on email..

im an idiot

I posted my review for this one on episode 2 (2/3 )'s page >_>
anyway both are good. :P

A little too Immature

Excellent animations, looked very smooth and well done. I thought too much unneccsary swearing, especially since Final Fantasy got the characters into far worse situations and they never swore (except a few characters, like cid) The humor what pretty childish, i don't know if you actually neede dto show wakkas poorly done barf, he could hagve done it ina more hidden fashion. Auron's "pimping" was also unneccesarily immature, though i can see how others would find it funny.
A few agitatingly inaccurate parts, like krypton being fielld with "superman" clones. I'd say the part about them being on earth was innaccurate but, they are in transelvania.
A pretty good job other than the immature humor, wakka was funny, Quistis was also amusingly accurate. Everyone was accurate to their cahracters, except for swearing.

This brings back so many memories!

Watching this made me remember when i used to play FF8 and the others some years ago.
It made me feel very nostalgic. 8]
Great Flash, very funny.
I think this just got me back into playing FF games ^.^

Oh Yeah, I'm a pimp.

I loved it. I love Auron, I have actually thought about switching to contact lenses just so I can have shades like Auron! He's even better in this cartoon than in the game. Compared to the first episode the graphics and voices are better too.