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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(1/3)"

This is good

This is a great idea, but the voice acting is all done by geeky kids.

?wat secret scaen?

plz tell me the secret scean plz!!!!

would've been a 10...

...but i hate how this auron guy is stealing everyone's girlfriends... im not very tolerant of people like that, even in fiction...

anyway, i tried not to let it affect me too much, if i acted on my pure hatred for it, i would've given the whole flash a 0...

anyway, aside from the pervert auron love... i like this, especially any scene with sephiroth, he's done very well... :D

cloud's face looks really weird for some reason...

i watched part 2 before this, accidentally... so the auron scenes in that also upset me a bit... guess he plans on getting them drunk and raping them, basically the typical guy...

oh, i absolutely LOVE how you had supernova destroy an entire population of supermen... i hate superman more than anyone can comprehend, so it was nice seeing sephiroth destroy the entire race... XD


Not only did I see a nice improvement in the flash graphics, the humor was awesome. Poor Wakka, SuperNova is a pain when fighting against it. Then again, would be awesome to have that ability!
Onto episode 2!

Loved it.

As an FF fan, I find this extremely hilarious. Especially that secret scene.