Reviews for "The Intern"

I wish there was more like this on Newgrounds

It was an awsome movie, I agree with your statement about the voices being bad...well, I guess if you re-did this submission and only fixed the girl and the hippo-guy, to make them easier to understand, the rest of the voices were nice and clear....but still great movie and I won't dock ya a point for the voices... great job


ES ESTUVO BUENISIMO. Mr. Twinkles looked a little bit like the Oogy Boogy from the nightmare before x-mas. Best flash I've seen this week. Keeps it up!!!!

this stuff is the shit

u got to make more of these that was awesome

kick ass

that was nice as hell but the girls voice was too hard to understand. can u make some captions or somethign cause im sure she said some pretty funny shit that i couldnt understand.

Shut it krankerz

this is an awesome and histerical movie. if anything this should stay on the front page for a long time :)