Reviews for "The Intern"

freakin' funny

i'd LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to see some young punk to that to those damn telitubbys XD

A Classic !

This film is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.
I pretty much never give out 10's , but since they didn't have 9.5 I'll make an exception.
Easily one of the best films on Newgrounds, ever.


NICE! it was hard to understand what the girl was saying sometimes but besides that this kicked ass!


perhaps alvin and the chipmunks??

or that annoying little shit we know as foamy??

back to the movie though, this was halarious!! i liked how it censored the mouth, but not the word, hahaha, genious

the fighting (which was almost the whole thing) was aswome, great animation, and GGGGRRERREEEAATTTT graphics

this is a very aswome movie, you you deserved frontpage!


Funny, hilarious, very good...but it'd be even funnier if the little girl was whoring herself out to the hippo dude, and at the end he's like, "Little Whore..." then she goes "AAAAAAH!" and kicks his ass....That'd be OWNZORZ