Reviews for "The Intern"

Oh man.

I can't believe the puppet starts singing Rocketman... haha.

Just a suggestion, you might want to try another voice for Rosie if you ever make another episode. She was often pretty difficult to understand.

cool stuff

this is funny shit, nice work here dude!! i laughed out loud for the first time in a long time when the happy hippo was reading his lines XD keep it up

This deserves a sequel!

Seriously, dude, you need to make a sequel to this. It's fucking hilarious and a brutal yet brilliant parody of live-action kid shows. My only complaint was that some of the voices didn't sound right(the little girl especially). Otherwise, this is one of those Flash cartoons that REALLY make me wish I had animation skills, which, unfortunately, I don't. I'm looking forward to future Flash cartoons from you. Don't let me down!

I havn't laughed this hard in a while!

Thank You!!!!!! lol.


Best flash i've seen in awhile.

More please.