Reviews for "The Intern"

great job

awsome flash. i really liked it. however rosie's voice sounded like one of the retarded animal babies. was this on purpose? great flash. keep it up. I expect great things

Funnier than it looks

This was funny as hell. This is on my favorites list for sure. Keep up the good work.

Extremely funny

Why in God's name was her voice so squeaky?! That was freakin hilarious. Not many new jokes from other flash movies, but this one was very good. I liked it.


THe humor was very dry. I did not find anyhting funny about this movie. It wasnt the worst wasnt the best.

P.S. I couldnt even hear 1 thing the little girl was saying.

Very god damn funny....

Dude, that movie was freakin funny as hell. I laughed through the whole thing basically. Great job dude, keep up the good work.