Reviews for "The Intern"

i love this and i love you

i love this and i love you
the art was amazing
the sounds were funny
and the story was SOOOO funny
i love it when he keeps calling her a little bi**h and she like freaks out i hit my desk laughing at that
great job 10/10 and 5/5 i loved this and im adding you and this to my favorites list
keep it up

Kick Ass

That kicked a whole lotta ass, i wasn't expecting much because of your negativity towards yourself but you talk nonsense!!! that really was damn good, Hope to see more of your work soon!!!!


Now, this is how a flash should be made: long, hilarious, and in minimal memory amounts! The Intern picked up power with each and every joke, eventually making me laugh constantly, and wouldn't END. I expected something shorter with that file size.

Being so talented, you're the first guy I'll ask from this site to collaborate with my brother. He's been diddling with Flash for months and hasn't acquired a consistent, disciplined work ethic (sad, he's a great artist). I won't press anything on you, but I would ask you if you're available, and you ought to take that as a compliment. You're among the elite already.

The techniques used to compress so much in under 1.5 MB would be appreciated if displayed in a summary on the Newgrounds' Bulletin Board System, to be perused by those trying to conceive big epics in little packages. Also noteworthy is sound, which might not be fully clear, but it sings through well-handled voice-overs.

Submit more Flash soon, and know that you're now in demand!

Thatanos12 responds:

Sure! any questions you have or anything, just write to me. But remember that I barely know Flash, and some of the stuff I did was mostly a trial and error thing.
hehehe, and Am I really on demand? that's a first for me :D


I loved it, and a brilliant spoof of Shatner's rendition of Rocket Man there. :P

Keep your toons coming!

The girl in this video is my favorite!! She almost sounds like one of the Chipettes from Alvin and the Chipmunks because of her squeaky voice!! LOL!!